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1 hour..........$160 ($174.45 with tax)
1 hour couples...$320 (348.90 w tax)
90 min........$205 ($223.51 with tax)
90 mn couples..$410 ($447.02 w tax)
2 hour.........$255 ($278.03 with tax)
2 hr couples...$510 ($556.05 w tax)

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1 hour..........$95 ($102.62 with tax)
90 min........$140 ($152.64 with tax)
2 hour.........$185 ($201.71 with tax)

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1 hour..........$190 ($205.25 with tax)
90 min........$280 ($305.28 with tax)
2 hour.........$370 ($403.31 with tax)


We have a 6 hour cancelation policy. Please contact us to cancel before 6 hours of your appointment, or you will be charged in full.

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At Halo, we believe you are worth all the self-care your heart desires. So why not book a spa treatment at the Halo Spa before or after your massage.
You deserve it! 

Why limit your self-care?

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1 hour myofascial-A powerful approach to return connective tissue/fascia to a healthy state by unraveling fascial restrictions. All of us experience trauma that causes fascial restriction, whether it is physical or emotional. This is an intentional approach of holding a stretch and pressure until the fascia melts/realigns. Myofascial is gentle on your muscular system but it can feel intense or subtle. (Additional charge of +$15)

Myofascial Massage

Full body Gua Sha massage is an advanced deep tissue experience that is very effective for breaking up fascia tension and tightness. This method is painless as your therapist incorporates manual hand techniques as well as numerous Guasha tools. Guasha massage is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, a therapeutic technique that involves scraping the skin with a massage tool to improve circulation, release tension, and promote healing. By applying gentle pressure and using a smooth-edged tool, the practitioner stimulates the flow of qi (energy) and blood beneath the skin's surface. This process can alleviate muscle pain, reduce inflammation, and enhance overall well-being. Gua sha is known for its ability to relieve both physical and emotional stress, making it a popular choice for making real changes in the body as well as new breakthroughs in your range of motion.

Full body Gua sha massage 

In Japanese, ashi means foot, and atsu means pressure; so it literally translates to foot pressure. This deep tissue massage is hands free, bare feet only. If you are in the mood to get walked on, this fancy footwork might be just what your body has been “kneading”. 

Ashiatsu (Deep Feet)

We have a team filled with magical body workers but some have SO many advanced trainings and skills up their sleeve. Deep tissue massage clears stress and muscle pain but if you want serious detailed work on specific muscles, if you need serious change….this is a job for an advanced bodyworker. (Additional charge of $25) 

Advanced deep tissue

Twice as Nice! Nothing is better than relaxing together. We’re known for delivering to duos and our space was crafted with your combined experience in mind. 

Couples massage

Sports massage is customized to the athlete's needs and time frame of the next athletic event. If you want to perform at an optimal level this deep tissue massage (specific in nature) is for you. A combination of intense bodywork and stretching (if needed) combined with relaxation to ease muscles. It's time to set a new personal best record.

Sports Massage

Relaxation/Swedish massage is a beautiful way to calm your nervous system and soothe mental anxiety. Sink into relaxation and let the rhythm of long soothing strokes wash your day away.


Deep tissue massage is our specialty. This unique blend of deep tissue, trigger point, detailed muscle work and other rituals specific to the therapist's skill set intermingled with long relaxing strokes will leave you feeling energized and rejuvenated. (Additional charge of $15) 

Deep Tissue

Medium pressure massage- Combination of relaxing & medium pressure massage strokes. This massage offers flowing movements as you drift into a deep state of relaxation.

Medium Pressure Flow Massage

This is the love your skin has been waiting for. If your mission is next level self-care, then you have come to the right place. Nothing is more nurturing than starting your massage w this full body refresh. Dry brushing is an invigorating, exfoliating experience that stimulates the lymphatic system, increases circulation, reduces cellulite and leaves you feeling calm and relaxed.

Ready to up-level the magic of your scalp massage and the shimmer of your mane. We use nothing but the finest small batch, handmade organic oils infused with peppermint & rosemary. Brace yourself for Scent inducing relaxation while Loving up your luscious locks. Next we go for the toes, peppermint foot massage YES!

Yum…. Talk about a dewy glow. We start with the all-organic, small-batch Argan face oil & Rose quartz roller to wipe out puffiness and wrinkles, Increasing circulation through stimulation of skin. How about a tall glass of youth? Next up, luxury cooling eye treatment packed with restorative colloidal silver helps smooth lines and wrinkles, while collagen firms and tightens. Meow….

Tumeric organic serum & Rose quartz roller - Wanna Spice up your massage? Trust us, you won't be sorry. This all-organic, small-batch, face oil feels like honey for the soul. Your skin will be tingling w happiness. We follow up w our rose quartz roller for maximum absorption & youth. Palms up for some tingle? How about a detailed peppermint hand massage. YUM

When you hear the words …”Velvet body veil” is your first thought UMM YES!!! For all those die hard organic lovers out there, that treat your skin to ONLY the best. You are about to get a head-to-toe thirst quenching, drenching of cacao butter, avocado, coconut & ALL the best oils in this MN local, small batch, organic, food for your skin DELish. And then you get to take the jar home with you. Stop it…..It's true.  

Vetiver & Olive face Gua-Sha & hydrating hand massage. Vetiver, Olive & Gua-sha all heal inflamation and bring balance back to your skin. We team these luxurious scents up with the tools to turn back the hands of time. SAIPUA Vetiver face serum & Catherine Rising Vetiver & Olive hand balm are small-batch, organic, hand made magic for your skin....delishhhh

Indulge in the ancient art of cupping, a therapeutic treatment designed to rejuvenate both body and spirit. Our skilled therapists utilize gentle suction cups to stimulate circulation, release tension, and promote detoxification. Experience a deep sense of relaxation as this time-honored practice enhances your overall well-being, leaving you feeling balanced and revitalized.

dry brushing

vetiver gua sha

scalp+foot massage 

spa eye treatment

face+hand massage



Add some EXTRA MAGIC to your massage with one our signature treatments to your enhance your massage experience.

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