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Welcome to Halo Healing Therapies, a boutique massage studio where attention to detail reigns supreme. With two decades of unwavering commitment to the art of healing, Halo has evolved into the enchanting oasis it is today. Halo was founded on the premise that each massage is unique and every client deserves a finely crafted experience tailored to their specific needs.

Halo Therapists aren't your average bodyworkers; they're the wizards of wellness, the sorcerers of stress relief, and the baddies of bodywork. With a commitment to unlocking the full potential of healing through touch, our team brings a mix of expertise, intuition, and a touch of magic to every session. Halo isn't just a massage studio; it's a haven where magic meets muscle.

"Okay wow! So healing & divine. You know how some massage therapists just seem to be going through a rote routine? This is not that! This is bespoke!"

HALO Healing Therapies is know for matching you with the perfect bodyworker. We have an extraordinary team and each one of them has a very specific bag of unicorn dust to share. If you would like to be personally matched call us. Our owner Alisia loves to match make. 

Making it Personal

We spend an incredible amount of time searching for the gems in the healing world. Once we find a healing gem they go through a rigorous 3 week process to make sure they are a fit for our team. Our process continues with ongoing personalized training on skills and business.


Hard to believe, but Halo started 25 years ago in Uptown, the cool little enclave of Minneapolis. From working  wtih the NFL, MLB, UMN, and the U of M Athletics, traveling with world-renowned bands,  to working with luxury hotels,  we now call our Minneapolis studios home.

Home Grown

HALO Healing Therapies is a massage boutique that offers a unique experience to any other in Minneapolis. The HALO team as well as the spaces are soulful and healing, each massage space has been individually curated, and designed to elevate the senses and put you at ease.  

One of a kind

-Michelle W. 

happy halo client

one part healer
one part unicorn
total magic maker

Of course, there’s the usual resume stuff: College, then the completion of the Massage program at The Healing Art Center in St. Louis Missouri. From here, things got interesting as Alisia Ray’s innate desire to heal conspired with her adventurous, entrepreneurial spirit. HALO Healing was born in 1999 and has been her life’s work since. Her name and reputation grew, not just by delivering exemplary structural bodywork, deep tissue, and injury prevention therapies, but by providing a incomparable, intuitive energetic experience. While of course curious about cloning, Alisia realized it wasn’t yet an option, so started looking for other like-minded individuals who shared a similar purpose. Today, she attracts and mentors a select team, and together they’re out to heal the world, one massage at a time. If she’s not in the studio, you’ll find her wild soul outside, with son and two little dogs, on an e-bike, snow board, or sailboat, seeking the next endorphin and extraordinary view, crushing life, with the wind in their hair. 

Meet Alisia

halo's founder