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After college (Southern CA & Southern Illinois )Alisia completed the Massage program at The Healing Art Center in St. Louis Missouri in 1998. She opened her massage business, now known as HALO Healing Therapies Co. in 1999. She has been running her massage business for over 2 decades. Alisia’s massage reputation is structural bodywork, deep tissue as well as injury prevention. She spent her 20’s traveling with Bands and Professional athlete’s doing massage. From 2000-2010 she worked with MLB & NFL teams. Alisia spends her time running HALO and mentoring her team in all things healing and business. 

The HALO Healing Therapies team is known for exceptional bodywork, impeccable attention to detail & creating magical healing experiences. It is branded with numerous luxury hotels, does all the bodywork for United MN soccer team & University of MN athletics. We have private local studios in the Northloop & South Minneapolis.

A note from the founder : HALO Healing Therapies Co. is my life’s work. I am passionate about guiding people to a life of healing so they can experience true thriving. The evolution of HALO Healing Therapies Co. has been such a beautiful experience, as well as a profound honor. Every single client has instilled me with unique wisdom. I truly believe that for every healing you give, you in turn receive a healing. I bow in Deep gratitude for each healing that I have received along the road.

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HALO Healing Therapies Co. is an extraordinary group of massage therapists passionate about bodywork, healing & creating magical/memorable experiences.

COVID-19 Highlights

HALO has air molecule cleaners on 24 hours a day in all of our studios. We are taking every extra sanitary precaution to keep our team and staff healthy and well. Your therapist will be wearing a mask during massage unless you give them permission to work mask free.

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