HALO Services


Deep tissue massage is our specialty. This unique blend of deep tissue, trigger point, detailed muscle work and other rituals specific to the therapist’s skill set intermingled with long relaxing strokes will leave you feeling energized and rejuvenated.


Relaxation/Swedish massage is a beautiful way to calm your nervous system and soothe mental anxiety. Sink into relaxation and let the rhythm of long soothing strokes wash your day away.


Sports massage is customized to the athlete’s needs and time frame of the next athletic event. If you want to perform at an optimal level this deep tissue massage (specific in nature) is for you. A combination of intense bodywork and stretching (if needed) combined with relaxation to ease muscles. It’s time to set a new personal best record.


You are looking for an extra blast of energy and need the pep put back in your step. This massage focuses only on head, neck, shoulders and feet. It will be the fresh breath of fresh air you need.


A Shiatsu/Thai massage inspired experience can help soothe digestive problems, fatigue, headache, muscle pain and high blood pressure. If balance is what you need this massage will have you feeling fabulous in no time. This massage is traditionally done wearing loose clothing laying on a futon (therapist provides) instead of a massage table.


Let your mind and spirit prepare for a full night’s rest as this chamomile and lavender infused relaxation massage whisks your day away on a journey toward your dreams.

Couples Renewal

Experience the lap of luxury together as dual therapists work side by side to give you both an incredible massage with the rituals of each client’s choice.

Hours of operation: 8am-10pm


  • Studio
  • 1 hour $80-90
  • 1.5 hour $120-130
  • 2 hour $160-170
  • In-home and hotel
  • 1 hour $130
  • 1.5 hour $175
  • 2 hour $210
  • Sales tax is applicable

After 9pm extra $25 feeIf location distance exceeds 15 miles $10 additional fee may be charged for travel